carcosa's premiere

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line UP 2018

- "The Boogies", Sanjay F. Sharma

- "Once Upon a Line", Alicja Jasina

- "Places", Eun Bi Chang

- "Fool Me Once", Justin Wiggins

- "Pater", Eggs & Legs + Clitus Clitoris

- "Labeled", Ken Davis & Emily Atkins

- "All We Left Behind", Julian Pham

- "Things to be Reminded", Sae Yong Lee

- "Zoey and the Wind-Up Boy", Marica Petrey

- "Sog", Jonatan Schwenk



Roxie Theater

The Carcosa Film Festival was held at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco for its Première on April 2nd 2018.


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Awardees 2018

- "Sog", Jonatan Schwenk, 1st Prize

- "Zoey and the Wind-Up Boy", Marica Petrey, 2nd Prize

- "The Boogies", Sanjay Sharma, 3rd Prize

jury 2018

- Tony Labat

- Tyler Hubby

- Dimitrios  Katsaros